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Build a solid math foundation!

Students understand the concepts and make connections between the numbers, learn how to do mental calculations and as a result are able to not have to review, drill and practice to learn the necessary math to move on to the next concept.

Students are able to understand math at a different level.
Singapore Math Class

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Singapore math is ready for the Common Core Standards & new State Testing Standards.

Students are given great visual tools, such as number bonds and bar models that visually explain the relationships amongst numbers. Students are constantly challenged to really think as they do math, and because they can’t just race through the problems, they find it mentally stimulating

Grade 3 Sample Math Lesson

Singapore math is getting a lot of attention as more and more schools in the United States are using Singapore-based methods and materials to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. Many parents and teachers are wondering if a change is really necessary. The answer is yes.


I’ve seen firsthand the difference the Singapore math approach can make. I began using Primary Mathematics textbooks from Singapore’s Marshall Cavendish Education in 2000 when I was a classroom teacher.



The Singapore method of math instruction has been making waves among parents, teachers, schools and the public in general. But what is it really all about? Is there basis behind all the hoopla? Ms. Virgie Gayda Esteves, the middle school math subject area coordinator of the Ateneo Grade School where Singapore Math has been adapted into the curriculum for the last six years now, gives us a crash course.


“At its core, Singapore math is just like any other math instruction method,” explains Esteves. “However, the Institute of Education of Singapore really studied how to teach math, such that the pedagogy and theory of math are really integrated.”